Nanjing-based designer Chris Ouyang who was born in 1990.With the dream of fashion design he held the first show at the age of16.

     Discovered by Wei Tian who is  fashion director at Haper’s Bazaar China to cooperate fashion illustration. From 2011 to 2013 his works has been published in Dozens of media such as Cosmopolitan ,Haper’sBazaar,Men’s Health,Men’s Uno and so on.

     Graduated from JiangNan university with the degree of  Ba in fashion design in 2013 and his graduation projects  were shown on the CCTV2 .Nonstop his namesake brand CHRISOU BY DAN was established at the same year.’we do not clearly think about the target customer,but we do what feels right for us and hopefully this is appreciated by others .we believe fashion is more of a way of expressing someone’s individuality rather than just a simple way of covering just do what we like and chose what you want is our philosophy.’ states Chris.

       He’s clothes are characterized by mass of bright color .His signature blend of slightly exagrate silhouette ,exquisite cutting and pattern fabric.

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